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Fat, Cellulite Reduction, Skin & Body Treatment in Marlboro, NJ

The specialists at DaVinci Body Concept will help you redesign your body by effectively treating imperfections such as cellulite, vein-lymphatic stasis, localized fatty tissue, sagging skin, loss of elasticity, stretch marks, aging skin, and wrinkles. Using Eximia scientific method, which has treated thousands of people around the world, we provide personalized medical treatment to help you create the body you want. 

As absolute newest in the aesthetic field, the exclusive LASERPORATION patent is the perfect and winning combination of two different technologies that directly act in an aimed and focused way on the fat. It is the real and concrete high resolution alternative to the scalpel. The precise and focused NON-SURGICAL LIPOREDUCTION is able to assure a notable fat and cellulite volume reduction.


With the Eximia method, the more you apply yourself to these changes, the faster you will obtain real and lasting results.

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