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Non Surgical Liporeduction Non Surgical Liporeduction Non Surgical Liporeduction
Non Surgical Liporeduction

Non Surgical Liporeduction


Targeted and direct Fat attack.

Low Level Laser & photo-bio stimulation...

The Low Level Laser, is able to act on the fat without damaging surrounding tissues or skin, this is possible thanks to the temporary opening of transition channel, will be used naturally thanks to the speeding up of metabolic process.

The photo Bio stimulation produced simultaneously has a soft regenerating and stimulating action and has a visible effect in the re-oxygenation of tissues since it actives the metabolism and the functions of the skin with totally natural processes.

The irradiation of low level laser combined with the consequent connective stimulation (EndoRadioMag/ Attraction), helps to produce new collagen, elastin and special enzymes who are necessary to improve the cutaneous structure. This process happens in the wall of the small blood vessels, and has the effect to improve the consistency of the skin, stimulate the absorption of the oxygen and detoxify the tissues.

Why it works Eximia bodyfarm concept?

To obtain a slimming effect (since this process doesn't promote the cellular death), its effectiveness depends directly on the accelerated metabolic activity and from the process of lipids cathabolism. A result reached only by Eximia Bodyfarm concept! Eximia Bodyfarm Concept choosing the suitable technology is the first system that appreciate the endocrine function of adipocytes, in fact it provides a treatment with very pleasant aesthetic effect, and is projected to guarantee to the users an important and significant slimming of the fat tissue without causing the death of the fat cells.


The technological fusion that sculpts!

The Bodyfarm Concept as direct and precise phase of action uses the Laserporation: a fusion between Low Level Laser defocalized and multi polar Bio-Poration. The powerful and efficient stimulating action develop sitself in a temporary modification on the membrane of fat cells, without touching the liquid fat from the inside of the cell to the outside than from the interstitial space is drained externally by the lymphatic system. Meanwhile the electroporation injects specific ingredients that produce a major reaction that increases the effectiveness of the result. All this gives the possibility to effect a finishing work on difficult areas with fat and cellulite accumulations more persistent and resistant.


The Perfect combination that models!

The alternate and combination of the 3 technologies

4 phases endodermic massage

Allows an optimization on the achievement of the expected results.