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The diamond purity that stimulates!

The 'Diamond' Microdermoabrasion is a cleaning of the superior layers of the skin with heads composed by micro particles of rough diamond. This stimulates the skin regeneration with the production of new healty tissue, restoring the elasticity and the tone of the skin. Is a non invasive treatment made by a soft and effective peeling that eliminates the layer of dead cells and skin impurities and promotes the skin to naturally regeneration. This method has demonstrated to have exciting clinic results on improving the skin quality, so that it encouraged the development of a protocol for the cosmetic practice, supported by specific technological applications. The microdermoabrasion prepares the skin to absorb the natural active agents.

The powerful energy that regenerates!

The multi-polar radio-frequency is an excellent  treatment with no surgical procedure that is aimed to solve stretch marks, wrinkled skin, chronic and photo aging, by harden deeply tissues.The controlled and localized heating stimulates the fibroblasts activity, according to the natural process of dermis auto reparation; moreover in the long time stimulates also the generates of new collagen exactly in those areas were the age has caused the slowly process of cellular renovation. Its activity is capable to produce internal heat, heating the subcutaneous tissue through electromagnetic waves that pass through all layers of the skin until the muscle stripe. The tissue block the passage of these waves changing its own molecules and producing heat (joule effect).