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Body Sculpt Program Body Sculpt Program Body Sculpt Program
Body Sculpt Program

Body Sculpt Program

Diagnosis, Recommendations and Verification.

MyTouch: a specialist's touch. Our Body Contouring Specialists will accurately evaluate your imperfections, considering you holistically and individually, by looking at the characteristics that make you unique, visualizing the potential to improve your body, and clarifying the time, strategies and costs of treatment. Thanks to the sophisticated MyTouch software, your specialist is able to "reconstruct" your body as a three-dimensional avatar which will demonstrate the improvements you can achieve.

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The Bodyfarm Concept as direct and precise phase of action uses the Laser-poration: a fusion between Low Level Laser de-focalized and multi-polar Bio-Poration.The powerful and efficient stimulating action develops itself in a temporary modification on the membrane of fat cells, without touching the capillary moves the liquid fat from the inside of the cell to the outside than from the interstitial space is drained externally by the lymphatic system. Meanwhile the electro-poration injects specific ingredients that produce a major reaction that increases the effectiveness of the result.All this gives the possibility to effect a finishing work on difficult areas with fat and cellulite accumulations more persistent and resistant.


To obtain a slimming effect (since this process doesn't promote the cellular death), its effectiveness depends directly on the accelerated metabolic activity and from the process of lipids cathabolism. A result reached only by Eximia Body farm concept! Eximia Body farm Concept choosing the suitable technology is the first system that appreciate the endocrine functions, in fact it provides a treatment with very pleasant aesthetic effect, and is projected to guarantee to the users an important and significant slimming of the fat tissue without causing the death of the fat cells.

ULTRA LIPOCELL ,CRYO DRAINING ed EXTREME FIRMING, 3 active specific processes in order to perform and stand out the effects of the laser poration, applied directly on the skin thanks to the press of the multi-polar bio-poration they exert their action in a selective and deep way.


The alternate and combination of the 3 technologies:

4 phases endodermic massage
Magnetic rollers

Allows an optimization on the achievement of the expected results.

High Frequency Endo-radiomag...

High frequency Magnetic rollers, also known as radio frequency magneto therapy, is based on the emission of radio waves at alternated frequencies in short pulses. Radio waves can enhance the activity of individual cells, restoring proper polarization of the cell membrane to bring them back into -balance- Moreover, stimulating the more fluidity of the blood, improve the micro circulation.

EndoRadioMagat the level of fat tissue, thanks to the intense stimulation of the four phases magnetic massage and to the induced heating generates surprising effects in terms of result.

Empower the effects.

ULTRALIPOCELL CREAM associated to CRYO DRAINING CREAM, thanks to the active specifics contained, improve the micro circulatory activity and their strong lipo cosmetic action stand out and empower the effects of endo-radiomagnetic, applied directly on the skin with a soft friction, exert their action in a selective and direct way.

Endo-radiomag, the four phases magnetic radio massage with high frequency: is an application particularly suitable in all cases where it is necessary to reactivate the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation; the improvement in oxygenation the cellular level facilitates the metabolism of the skin and of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.