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Eximia Technology Eximia Technology Eximia Technology
Eximia Technology

Eximia Technology

EXIMIA is a unique combination of two patented technologies that have taken the world by storm and have proven to be the only solution available in the fight against cellulite: Endolift and Laserporation. The first device massages, drains and tones up, while the second handle dissolves, reduces and sculpts.

The exclusive technology used in EXIMIA has no competition. There are currently no other machines that combine in a single unit such comprehensive method and real results are visible during the first session. Other similar devices can be painful and cause side effects but EXIMIA treatment is comfortable and can even be considered pleasurable due to its four phases: vacuum suction, release, velum suction, vibration. The endolift device can be used in many directions and it is completely safe for the body tissues due to the release of suction between the pulses. The repetition of this four-phased cycle during the application induces excellent drainage, consequently stimulating the metabolic activity of adipose tissue and ensuring clearly improved oxygenation and microcirculation, which leaves skin with enhanced tone, smoothness and elasticity.

Made in Italy, EXIMIA has become the best body contouring treatment in over 40 countries.   In the USA, Eximia is exclusive to DaVinci Body Concept, so be the first to experience the benefits.

29 EXIMIA programs are divided into three main work settings, for Toning up deep tissue, for draining and reoxygenating the most superficial layers of the derma and for handling delicate and difficult zones such as the visage, neck and arms.

The alternating phases of suction and pneumatic pressure favour the reactivation of all dermal microcirculatory activity, improving lymphatic vessel, arterial capillary and venous activity. This function, defined as "hemorreologic", favours an enhanced blood and oxygen flux in the tissues and simpler elimination of metabolic cellular waste, facilitating fat metabolism. This method also aids in draining interstitial liquids accumulated in the derma and hypodermis showing up as edema, through the intercellular spaces and conveying them through the tiny lymphatic vessels.