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Beauty Strategy


Power and rigor for a non-surgical LIPO-REDUCTION!


The SEASON of YOUTH: energetic and sharp bio-stimulation that Shapes, Firms, Tone-up, Rejuvenates!

Eximia HR77 selection of treatments is completed with the Micro-Dermabrasion kit with diamond heads. Its delicate preliminary exfoliating action is able to assure a natural tissue's oxygenation and rejuvenation as well. The inserts of different sizes and the texture of the diamonds heads assure a great skin exfoliation enlarging the action range of the treatments.

The most powerful and inclusive combined and synergic action of deep, connective, four phases and endo-magnetic simulation. Its action is possible thanks to the endolift handle at passive mobile and bipolar magnetic rolls able to perform a very deep and powerful massage combined with mono-polar Radiofrequency.

With the Eximia HR77 multipolar RF, here you are all the surgical precision to treat from cellulite in its more critical stages to stretch marks, from wrinkles to tissue's ageing, from lack of tone to laxity and lack of oxygenation and elasticity. A winning concentration of energy and power at the service of BEAUTY. 

NON surgical Liporeduction & Full Bodylift by Eximia Laserporation and Radiolift to actually heat up and melt fat.

About Eximia Endolift and Radioporation:

RADIOPORATION is a localized, temperature-controlled treatment that uses radio waves with a triangular current to activate the natural processes of fibroblast cells. The result is: Youthful, Firmer Skin.

About Endolift:

Endolift therapy aims to sculpt bodies and revitalise figures. A high-tech device emitting these waves is moved over the target area, looking to break down unwanted wobble and help contour figures. The system is also designed to tighten the skin, aiming to break down lumpy bumpy bits while simultaneously taking up any slack.